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Under A New Sun
Blessings of the Grandmother IAWM
Rebecca Sabine

Blessings of the Grandmother IAWM

Title: Blessings of the Grandmother Composer/Violinist: Rebecca Sabine Premiere: August 28, 2021 Blessings of the Grandmother frames an intercultural sound exchange between a violinist and the words of wisdom spoken by a 101-year-old woman, an elder of the Native American Lakota tribe. Unci (grandmother) Oyate Win Brushbreaker, in a Mother’s Day video message recorded from her home on the South Dakota reservation, speaks of the spiritual power of women; “the life-givers of the world.” In the tradition of call and response, I play a suite of my compositions for multi-layered solo violin, filmed in nature, that reflects the beauty of the grandmother’s sacred tribal beliefs. From this intersection of sonic perspectives emerges an important listening space. Unci Oyate Win Brushbreaker is a woman who should be heard because her voice carries with it the rich oral history of the Lakota people. Unci passed away on Sept 18, 2021, shortly after this video was completed. I know that she watched and enjoyed the premiere showing with her family at home in South Dakota while it was seen at the same time in Las Vegas at Dr. Ebony Granados' (her granddaughter) Majestic River Healing Center. I had the privilege of speaking with her and playing my violin for her over the phone when the family was in South Dakota for the Sundance earlier in the summer, “Unci Marie Randall was a powerful matriarch who stood up for Mother Earth. Her wisdom evoked action and reminded us that we all have a responsibility to make a stand. Her loving and unwavering support of the next generation has given us the courage to continue to fight for our land, water, air, our culture, and our rights as a people. She was a bridge between generations and her loss is felt throughout the entire Lakota Nation and beyond. Her legacy will live on for generations to come. We will work hard to embody her teachings, her courage, and her desire to make a better way for our people and our lands.” — Nick Tilsen, NDN Collective President and CEO

Podcast Interviews

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Rebecca Sabine: Sound Healing From A Master Violinist

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Rebecca Sabine, The Violin Whisperer

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Rebecca Sabine interview with Dr. Monica Riley

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